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Welcome to week four of my new Sunday Showcase feature, where I highlight one of my favourite blogs, recommend a few of the posts I enjoyed reading this week and capture a moment that made me smile.

A blog I love…

Leigh, who writes the wonderful blog Headspace Perspective, is an inspiration. Truly. She writes beautifully, about life, love and loss.

Leigh recently won the Tommy’s Mum’s Voice Award for her work in helping others who experience HELLP syndrome, pre-eclampsia, premature birth or baby loss. She is an empty armed mother who shares her experiences of grief and trauma through her blog, providing much needed support to others.

Today is the two-year anniversary of the death of her beautiful son Hugo and Leigh is marking this by raising a glass to Hugo and is asking others to do the same in support of #HugosLegacy. I’ll be raising my glass later, will you join us?

A post I loved…

Tor writes a fabulous blog, Teacup Toria, and this post about hopes and dreams is a perfect example. Sing LOUD everyone!

I featured Maddy’s blog Writing Bubble last week, but I just had to include this post to David Cameron about the current state of education in England and Wales.

And, as it’s Easter weekend I couldn’t resist this beautiful post from Emma over at Life at the Little Wood. I have serious house envy! Happy Easter everyone :)

A moment I loved…

The wee girl turned four this week. Four! On the one hand, I can’t quite believe it. On the other, watching my grown up, articulate little girl, I wonder that she’s only four.

A sign of her maturity is that she has been waiting, really very patiently, for her room to be painted pinky-purple. We had a burst of enthusiasm months ago and let her choose the paint (from a selection of three, pre-chosen, colours; I’m not quite ready to let her have full control!). We stripped off the horrible wall paper, began to repair the walls, then our major external building work started. So, we waited until the new window went in, but this also resulted in the walls having to be re-plastered. Then they couldn’t insulate from the outside, so we had to wait from them to come and blow it in from inside, and then the room needed to be re-plastered again…

Anyway, long story a little shorter, my husband took the day off on her birthday and managed to get the first coat of the much anticipated pinky-purple finished. And, he put up a new sparkly lamp shade.

She was thrilled. Best moment of the week, by far :)

Birthday Surprise

So, there we have it. Week 4 of Sunday Showcase… I will be back next Sunday, sharing more great blogs with you!



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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post, Sara – wasn’t expecting it at all just popped over to see what blog you were featuring this week! I also loved Teacup Toria’s post and Leigh’s blog is excellent! Haven’t seen Emma’s beautiful house post yet… dare I? *eyes mountain of ironing* xx

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